Geneveve by Viveve

Vaginal Tissue

GeneveveTM by Viveve

GeneveveTM is a clinically proven, single session treatment that safely and comfortably renews vaginal tissue and responsiveness.

Why Foothills Urogynecology uses Geneveve:

We have conducted extensive research on the treatment options available to restore vaginal tissues and have concluded that this is the best treatment option available to our patients. Geneveve is clinically proven to be both safe and effective.

A Real Issue:

Vaginal tissue can change over time when collagen loses its strength, resulting in vaginal laxity. This is a prevalent issue for women that most often results from childbirth, and decreases sexual satisfaction due to the lack of friction during intercourse. Other contributors to vaginal laxity include menopause, decreasing estrogen levels, aging, genetic disorders that affect collagen metabolism, or trauma.

Backed by Real Science:

The Geneveve by Viveve treatment delivers patented deep-heating energy and surface cooling into vaginal tissues to help generate new, healthy collagen and restore the body’s natural collagen formation process. This treatment is clinically proven to improve vaginal laxity, increase vaginal lubrication and reduce painful intercourse, increase vaginal sensitivity, increase the quality and intensity of climax during intimacy, as well as to improve stress- or urge- incontinence, bladder leakage or frequency.

Respectful Treatment:

Geneveve is a single, gentle 30-minute treatment that is performed in our office. During the procedure, a small treatment tip, roughly the size of a thumb, is inserted inside the vaginal opening. The tip is rotated in order to alternately cool the surface and deliver gentle heating to the tissues beneath in order to stimulate the body’s natural rejuvenation process over the next few months. Women may feel results in 30 days and the full effect at 90 days, as their body responds to the treatment by generating just the right amount of natural resilient collagen and elastin in the vaginal opening.

Sensational Results:

Clinical trials show that 90 percent of women treated reported statistically significant tightening, sensation and satisfaction at 12 months.*

*Data on file ©2016 Viveve, Inc.